Live Tracking

School For Sure’s Live Tracking dashboard enables schools to view their bus locations in real time and ensure safe and secure transportation for their students.

Admin and/or Transport managers and can see the summary of all vehicle performance along with live map view of all buses in one place to allow them to take immediate action in case required. A summary of of the status of all GPS devices is presented in an easy to understand format and stakeholders are notified via SMS and automated calls for quick action.

Bus & Route History

Bus and route history on a map along with a summary table with the most important data allows the transport managers to view the entire route’s data in a single view allowing him to monitor any issues faced by the bus on any particular route historically.

View and Modify Bus – Route Allocation

Stay on top of operations by easily modifying bus-route allocation in case of a bus breakdown and use a replacement bus on the route without affecting the bus tracking feature of parent app and expected notifications for parents.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep parents updated with automatic calls and SMS notifications for the respective route status for a student with the flexibility of sending manual notifications to a custom group of parents as and when required.