Route Tracking

School For Sure is a Google Maps Enterprise Partner and uses the proprietary Google Enterprise Solution Architecture to provide Real Time Bus Tracking on the city map. The app also shows live traffic conditions on route between bus and parent's stop, powered by satellite data from Google and is refreshed every second. The traffic is properly marked by different colours of the road.

Live Bus Tracking

Exact location tracking of the school bus on a map along with important information like speed and location to enable parents to track their child’s bus real time. The Parent can also clearly see his child's route and the location of his child's Stop but not any other children's stops or routes and vice versa. This ensures privacy of children and enhances students' safety.

Accurate Expected Arrival Time in Live Traffic

Based on traffic conditions, the Estimated time of arrival(ETA) of bus to the stop is calculated and intimated to the parent in the App. It could be highly possible that a bus quite close to the parent stop is expected to arrive in higher than regular time therefore in situations like these, the traffic information brings a lot of relief for parents and controls the anxiety that they otherwise face every single day.

Notification Alerts

Three notification messages are sent in the afternoon drop route, first for the bus departure from school, second when the bus is just five minutes away and third when the bus arrives at the bus stop. In the morning pick up, notification messages are sent when the bus is just five minutes away from child's stop, second when the bus arrives at the bus stop and third message when the bus reaches the school.