Bus Tracking

Live location tracking of school bus on google maps along with expected arrival time and remaining distance from the parents stop. Additional information like speed, address of bus location helps parents track driver performance. Click to call option enables parents to call the bus driver/attendant directly from within the parent app.


Three notification messages are sent in the afternoon drop route, first for the bus departure from school, second when the bus is just five minutes away and third when the bus arrives at the bus stop. Option to enable or disable notifications based on category along with option to modify the call alert number on the go means the right guardian can get the call alert while others can continue to get notifications to stay updated.

Holiday & Events Calendar

Get information about holidays and events for the school along with notifications for all new holidays and events added by the school.

Notice Board

All important notices, announcements and circulars from the school can be viewed in the notice board section. Each notice sent by the school is received by the parent in the form of a notification in the mobile app while further details can be viewed in the section.

Fee Payment

View the fee schedule for your child and pay fee online through popular cards and net banking and UPI. Save card details for fast payment and get fee payment reminders to ensure timely payments.


Enjoy your child’s extra-curricular participation in school by viewing the photo albums uploaded by the school in the gallery section in your mobile app. Save pictures to your phone memory or share them on social media and feel proud about your child’s achievements.

Bus Attendance

Get alerts about punch in and punch out of your child for pick up and drop from the school bus to ensure you are always updated about you’re his/her whereabouts ensuring his safety and security.

ERP Integration for Homework, Time Table etc

Leverage the full power of your ERP by integrating the complete features of your school ERP with the parent app like Homework, Time Table, Exam Schedule, Assessments, Attendance and much more.