A powerful solution enabling automated phone calls to any number. This service doesn't need internet on the mobile phone and a call can be made to any landline or mobile number. The calling is so effective that it practically enables anyone, with just the access to a phone, to avail the benefits of bus tracking system. The most beautiful part of the solution is that instead of parent calling the bus/school, it is actually the school, who cares about its patrons, automatically triggering a phone call to the parents to reach the bus stop. This allows the bus driver and the attendant to focus on driving and the children in the bus, thereby hugely enhancing the safety and security of children and the vehicle.

Bus Arrival Alert

Daily Phone Calls to parents' phone number five minutes before the school bus arrives at the student's Bus Stop, twice a day, both at the time of morning pick-up and afternoon drop timings. Automated call alert to parent/guardian’s number informing about bus arrival ensures reduced wait time at bus stops by upto 79%!

Fall Back Call Alert

In case of primary number of parent/guardian not being available or busy, automatic call alert to a secondary number provided by the parents to ensure the bus arrival information is provided to the guardians on time

Breakdown Call Alert

To ensure transport manager is on top of operations in case of bus breakdown or unavailability of a bus, optional one time call alert can be initiated to guardians of students of particular route or particular stops. This ensures guardians are updated about school transport at all times.