• Cloud Telephony Services for Schools

    Daily Phone Calls to parents mobile or landline five minutes before the school bus arrives at the student's bus stop

  • Route Tracking and Arrival Time in Real-Time Traffic

    Live Bus tracking for parents through any mobile application to track their child at all times. Get arrival time, distance and much more

  • Single Dashboard for All Vehicle Management

    Schools can view, track and manage all their buses in a single window, Change routes as per traffic, assign any bus & staff to any route and much more

  • Mobile App for Parents

    ERP Integrated mobile app that allows parents to connect to the school, track school bus, bus attendance, pay school fee and overall manage their child's schooling experience

Empowering Schools via Technology Solutions
Together we can secure our children while enhancing their learning.

Schools are a second home to children. Parents want to select a school which provides advanced learning for their children while at the same time ensuring maximum safety. We at School For Sure help schools do just that! While schools today take the utmost care about their student’s safety once the child enters the school, we, at School For Sure help both schools and parents ensure their child’d safety before and after school hours.

Parents are often worried about the safety of their children whenever they are going to or coming back from school. Our technology helps grandparents & parents track the exact location of the school bus at all times with the estimated arrival time as per real time traffic with instant alerts when the child has boarded the bus or reached the school.

Cloud Telephony Services for Schools

  • Daily Phone Calls to parents' phone number five minutes before the school bus arrives at the student's Bus Stop, twice a day, both at the time of morning pick-up and afternoon drop timings.
  • This service doesn't need internet in mobile phone, is completely free of cost for the App user.
  • This bus arrival alert call can be made to any landline or mobile number.
  • The estimated time of arrival is calculated considering the LIVE traffic conditions on bus route.

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Route tracking Safety Application for Parents

  • Real Time Live Bus Tracking on the city map - Address, speed, odometer reading , direction of movement and much more.
  • Distance of bus stop from the bus and Estimated time of arrival of bus on the stop based on live traffic conditions on route between bus and parent's stop.
  • Parents can call the school bus staff directly through the App (Attendant/Conductor/Transport manager).
  • Notification messages for bus departure from school and arrival at the bus stops in afternoon.
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Single Dashboard for All Vehicle Management

  • Track all the buses location, speed, ignition etc in a single window.
  • Generate various bus and route related reports in a printable format.
  • Manage bus-driver-route-student allocation easily at the click of a button.
  • Real traffic conditions, which can help to reroute the bus, if required.

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Mobile App for Parents

  • Live location tracking of child's school bus to ensure student safety.
  • Punch in and punch out for the student while boarding and de-boarding the school bus.
  • ERP Integration allows parents to view their child's performance anytime.
  • Payment module to ensure timely payments for tuition fee.
  • Gallery, Notice Board, Events and Holiday Calendars and much more.
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  • GPS Tracking Device.
  • CCTV Camera for surveillance.
  • Integrated RFID devices for student attendance.

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